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Researchers  have found that triptans, some of the most powerful migraine drugs, do not increase the risk of birth defects after studying nearly 70,000 pregnant women.

Although many women are hesitant to use drugs during pregnancy, untreated migraine exposes the mother to other potential risks such as pre-eclampsia. The study found that triptans can be used without “any major risk” of premature delivery or miscarriage.

The overall birth defect rate was the same 5 percent for women who used triptans and for those who did not use the drugs. Among migraine sufferers who did not use the drugs during pregnancy, it was 6 percent. The major birth defect rate was an even 3 percent, which is comparable to the rate in the general population.

Second and third trimester triptans use was linked to significant blood loss during labor and the failure of the uterus to return to its regular size after delivery. Further, during pregnancy, using triptans increased the incidence of vomiting, pre-eclampsia and folate deficiency.